Dividing Line

As we journey through the book of Nehemiah, we come to a dividing line at chapter 7.  There is a dramatic shift. Chapter 1-6 focuses on the construction of the wall under the extraordinary leadership of Nehemiah. Chapters 7 – 13 direct our attention to the consolidation of the city. The phases are distinctly different, but entirely necessary. Hence, Nehemiah has to change hats and shift his focus and role.

In the initial phase, the construction phase, Nehemiah gets the vision and serves at the catalyst to get the project going. He secures the materials, surveys the site, lays out the plans, builds a team and ensures the project stayed on schedule, despite stiff opposition, to the “ribbon-cutting.”  He serves as the designer, the motivator, manager and the entrepreneur. He got the job done in fifty-two days!

Now in the consolidation phase, Nehemiah becomes governor and must ensure that the city and its people not only survives but thrives. He now selects and appoints spiritual leaders of integrity and faithfulness to oversee the local affairs of the city. He addresses poverty, injustices, population, security, and spiritual worship.

As Jerusalem needed a leader of character to guide them through both phases, we also need leaders who will fulfill both roles in our families, churches, communities and our government. We need the visionaries, the builders, and the consolidators who will address the broken down walls of our society and point us to the worship of the “great and awesome God.”
Who are you leading to worship the awesome God?
Are you a builder or consolidator?


Read Nehemiah 7


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